Prices 's and do not include post

The Alarm   68 guns PS-2

The Alarm    where where you hiding PS-2

The Alarm    spirit off 76-2

Angelic Upstarts-we got to get out of this place ... PS  -2

Leyton buzzards... I'm hanging around PS-2

Bow Wow Wow-   Work-PS-1

The Buzzcockseverybody's happy PS-2

The Clash-   rock the casbah-1

The Damned.... shadow of love PS-2

the Expressos.... tango in mono PS-1

Fad Gadgetscollapsing new people PS-2

Famous Namesholiday romance PS-1

Star Marks.... crazy weekend PS-1

The Reflections-four countries PS-1

Spizzenergi2... work PS-1

Sinyx-the Black Death E P   PS-2

The seize... everybody dies PS-1

The spizzles... risk PS-2

Athletico spizz 80... hot desert PS-2


Ditto-no room PS-2

T V Smith-the perfect life PS-2

Skids-circus games-2

Skids-circus games-P S-2

Skids-circus games-P S-2

Skid its-working for the Yankee dollar-2

Skids-woman in winter-comic book PS-3

Smith's-heaven knows/suffer a little children-demo PS-3

Smith's-Shakespeare's sister-P S-2

Smith's-William it was really nothing-PS-2

Smith's-heaven knows/Suffer little children-2

23skidoo-ethics PS-1

Sex Pistols-great rock and roll swindle/who killed bambi..PS-2

Vermilion and the aces-the letter-1

Tom Verlaine-Post card from Waterloo-1

The vibrators-London girls live-1

The Vapors-news at 1-